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The following is a testimonial of the wonderful experience we had with Dr. Stacy Land at Rhythm of Life Animal Chiropractic.  She cared from our dog Milo. Milo is a 5 year old rat terrier Chihuahua. He is all of 8 lbs. He is the cheesiest, most energetic, fun loving dog you will ever meet. This is his story:

My little buddy Milo had quite the year. I woke up one morning to find an ice cold and nearly lifeless dog in his kennel. We flew to the emergency vet where his life would change for quite some time.  Somebody had fed him rat poison.  And he was bleeding to death internally.  After defying the odds and months of treatments, Milo was finally starting to come around again.  However one thing had not changed. Milo was not able to get around.  He could no longer lift his leg or squat to go to the bathroom, he was unable to run and play with his brothers like he used to, and he couldn’t get up on the low couch to cuddle anymore. He had lost much of his mobility due to the long treatment course with limited activity. Milo lost his spunk and zest for life. 

We were told that this was the best he was going to be. We thought well this is no life for an energetic, fun loving, playful dog.  We began to question his quality of life and euthanasia came across the table. After realizing how much we had invested already and how much we obviously couldn’t part with him, we decided to try one last effort.  I was given Dr. Stacy Land’s contact info from a tech at our vet. We figured we had nothing left to lose. 

The initial chiropractic visit was much like that of a human.  She assessed him, got his history, and adjusted him.  Milo hardly flinched, he turned around and looked at Dr. Stacy like “what did you do that for?” It was the easiest treatment I have watched him for through since he was poisoned.  She told me that he might be tired and thirsty.  I thought, heck is that the only negative side effect?  Especially after all we had been through with him already. But something much more amazing happened. Milo went outside to go to the bathroom and lifted his leg!  Later that day he realized he could run.  And a few days later he just up on my bed) which was about 1 ½ ft. taller than the couch he was unable to jump up on previously). 

It was really tough o keep him calm so he didn’t ruin the progress he was making.  After a few adjustments we have our dog back. As a matter of fact, we have a puppy back.  He is running with his brothers, playing, jumping, cuddling, and giving kisses (which he had not done in the previous 6 months, mainly because he couldn’t pick up his head high enough).  His eyes look brighter. He can shake all the way to his tail. I could go on about his amazing transformations.

I didn’t want to be that crazy dog lady, but now I am glad I was. My dog got his life back.  I shudder to think that we considered putting him down at one point.  I more people would consider going outside of the box, it would not only change the life of your pet, but it would change the happiness in your life too.  Thank you Dr. Stacy for giving us a second chance with  Milo, we can never thank you enough!

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