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On January 3rd our sweet little dog Chloe- a Shitzu poodle mix-woke in the morning with a slight limp in one hind leg. We took her to our vet where they determined that her knee was weakened for some reason and we were given anti-inflammatory and pain medication to manage her discomfort. The following morning, we found that Chloe’s entire hind quarters were paralyzed and she no longer had control of her bladder or bowels.  A return visit to the vet in which an x ray was taken, led them to diagnose a disc problem.  Our options were to have her stay as quiet as possible, and continue meds to see if she’d recover, or go to a surgeon for a consultation.  We were told surgery could possibly cost between $3,000-$6,000- and there would be no guarantee that she would walk again or regain bowel and bladder control.   We were so frustrated.  We love our animals so much and want to do all we can to help but we knew we could not take on that kind of financial burden.  The vet then suggested we could try taking Chloe to an animal chiropractor, but she had doubts of anyone that would take on her care because of her being paralyzed.  It was our last chance for Chloe so we took it.  We went to see Dr. Stacy Land at Rhythm of Life Animal Chiropractic. We will admit that we were skeptical at first, but after looking at the X rays and doing a thorough exam, Dr. Land told us that she firmly believed that Chloe could walk again.  We decided to proceed with her treatment and follow her recommendations closely. In two weeks Chloe was starting to stand again on her own.  In three weeks she had full bowel and bladder control and could take a few steps on her own.  In the continuing days and weeks, we saw significant changes.  Now Chloe is walking again and doing so well. In fact, the other days she began to run from me down the street and I had to run after to catch her!

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Dr. Land, for her fine care and emotional support that was given throughout.  We totally believe in animal chiropractic care and would recommend Dr. Stacy Land.  Thank you! Cathy and Joe

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